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Tapas are a wide variety of small plates in Spanish cuisine. They may be cold or warm.

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4 Red Wines to Try If you Want To Learn About Red Wine


Everybody starts somewhere in their exploration of wine. While some get to try out the best wines first on special occasions, others take time to visit the vineyards to make their own studies. The reasons to learn about different wines can be many, ranging from developing a new hobby to getting bored of drinking the same wine for years. It is important to have basic knowledge about different styles that are available to try. Since there is an insane amount of options that are available, you need to look out for the wines that can provide you with a wide spectrum of the available styles.

Here is a list of the four different types of wines that you can get in any local wine store. Make sure that you taste all these wines in the same order as mentioned below. It will give you an idea of the acidity levels, tanning, body, and alcohol content of each wine.

Pinot Noir

Pinot Noir

Pinot Noir is the perfect choice for you to understand how to taste the acidity levels of a whine. Pinot Noir has a special cult following among wine heads as it can be surprising on different levels for its flavours and aromas. The blending of different elements is what makes this wine a special elixir. The wine will appear light red in the glass and has the lightest body compared to any other type. When you smell it, you can get the aromas of cherry, cranberries, and raspberries. It has very low tannins, which makes the acidity as high as a lemonade.


Syrah will help you understand the body of the wine. It has the inky red colours with flavours of dark fruits such as plums and blueberries. Some Syrahs also contain chocolate and tobacco blended in for good measures. This wine is for those who prefer the smooth going drink, which can complement the food in the best way possible.

Cabernet Sauvignon

This type of wine will give you a clear idea of how much you enjoy tannins in your wine. Tannins is the element that makes your mouth feel dry when you swallow. Cabernet Sauvignon can provide the right levels of these amazing antioxidants to beginners. You can find these wines with aromas of dark cherries, spice, and vanilla. This wine is ideal for steaks and dinners where you have a lot of meat on the table.

Cabernet Sauvignon


Zinfandel is for the wine lovers who enjoy drinking wine with high alcohol levels. It has an overwhelming flavour and aroma of jam as it is made with fruits which are plucked when they are very ripe. Due to the ripeness of fruits, alcohol content also goes high. As it has higher levels of alcohol, you may find the taste more bold and big. Zinfandel is made especially for those who like to drink wine to enjoy their time in hot climates.